Anonymous asked:

Just saw a bunch of your short films at MinnAnimate in Minnesota. Gatta say you were the talk of the town. Love the work (been watching since slightly before LNWC). Just wondering if maybe you're from MN or is there some sort of festival circuit you guys go by?

Yeah I was supposed to be there, but I’ve been working 12 hr days for a few weeks trying to finish a music video by a deadline. I feel ashamed that i couldn’t make it :(. I do live in MN, 3 hrs north of the cities

pmaxwellward asked:

I noticed your recent post was captioned "5 more days." Do you set rigid schedules for your personal work? Do you feel structured time is necessary for a healthy output?

Its a, “I’m going to be in deep shit if I don’t finish” kind of deadline. Usually deadlines only come about for me when another project is coming up, and I have to switch gears.I hate deadlines they really suck

awaytonoway asked:

hey, I really admire your work, its deep. Can I ask how many drawings as an average it take to make an animation, I've done two animations before, both took from 300 to 400 pictures to draw. Is this how it works or am I doing it wrong? Is there easier ways.

if you are counting frames, you are doing it wrong